This week sadden me with all the young gay’s men killing themselves. These young man were created by God just like anymore else. They had mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and host of relatives that loves them just like anyone else.

Personally, I do not understand while we are so focus on what others do in their bedrooms or how they live their lives. The key phrase is “their life,” and not yours. How does someone being gay really take away from a heterosexual person? Can someone explain this to me?

I get it that everyone uses the holy books to justify this hate. I find this very ironic because these holy books are about love, forgiveness, peace, and good will toward all men and women. So please do not use God to justify hate toward anyone because God is love.

I personally belief, that the two students at Rutgers University should be charge with murder, because of their action, a young man took his life. I think everyone should be outraged by these two individuals’ behaviors. They took away his right to privacy and showed him no civility. Who give them the power to do such a thing to anyone? What kinds of sick society are we living in when someone think broadcasting someone intimate moment to the world is entertainment?

We should allow people to live their lives the way they see fit. We do not have to agree with their lifestyle but we cannot interfere with it. Everyone needs to learn to be tolerant of each other.

We need to bring back civility into society. All the bigots out there, you cannot hide behind the holy book anymore. I cannot wait for a day when all the closet doors are open and heterosexual and homosexual are equal in every aspect. No one should care if someone is gay, bi-sexual, transgender, straight, or anything in between. We should let others be happy.

We have to live the way that pleases us and we must live for ourselves and not pretend to be something we are not. Being a heterosexual, I cannot imagine living in the closet and allowing others to make me feel bad about who I am. I do not think anyone deserve to live that way either.

Let us share love for one another and stop judging each other. There are other thing we can focus on such as poverty, sex trade, and peace within society.

I hope we do not lose another gay or lesbian young person because of bullying.

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